Slogan: Our only competition is the beach!

At Endless Summer Tan we work hard to make you look good – and we show you how to do it the smart way. We are members of Smart Tan International, which believes, as we do, that tanning in moderation is the key to obtaining a deep, long-lasting tan. Tanning in moderation means gradually increasing tanning sessions so that you never burn. (For more information, visit

We are proud to provide the very best in tanning beds. Why settle for outdated equipment and old, ineffective lamps (bulbs) when you can tan in the best? Our equipment is always properly maintained.

From the moment you enter Endless Summer Tan, you’ll notice the difference. We take pride in keeping it clean, clean, clean and fresh smelling. And, oh yes, the air conditioning is always on. Providing a cool, clean environment is important to us and to our many loyal clients, who have helped our business grow every year by recommending us to their friends and co-workers since we opened our doors in 2002.

Come in and experience the difference for yourself.

-Marcia Schlueter, owner